The Matter of Richard Thomas Bradford

Attempt on Richard’s life

My name is Augustus Moon. I am just an average person who builds websites for a living. I have never met Richard Bradford. I was approached by Mr. Bradford’s Mother who hired me to build this website. Doing so, building this website, has instilled a fear in me to the core of my soul for both me and my family. For I have now witnessed a failure in each branch of our judicial system for an individual  who was merely going about his ordinary affairs in conducting the business of his long established construction company.
I have witnessed an individual standing up for what is right. I have witnessed an individual willing to sacrifice his very life is his quest for justice and who does that any more?
I have witnessed the very people who we the people entrusted too enforce and protect us with our laws, manipulate the laws in blatant disregard of we the people– You must review this failure of our judicial system and how on man  will not accept that failure.

How one man is paying the price for that failure.

How one man demands justice.

Richard in prison


Read now the following letter from the Issa Law Firm who represented Mr.Bradford at trial.

The Matter of Richard Thomas Bradford
A look into his criminal trial for violation of the Racketeering Influences and Corrupt Organizations Act, in relation to his construction company: Obviously, from reading the letter, one can see that Mr. Bradford has cancer. Ms. Treadway, the Assistant District Attorney had offered Mr. Bradford probation in exchange for a guilty plea — Mr. Bradford had been in the Cobb County Jail for over a year at the time of this offer-He could have just said: “Guilty” Then he could have gone home and got himself cancer treatment — But Richard Bradford said: “No!” “I want a trial by jury!” “I am not guilty!” This statement alone speaks volumes. Especially in the face of cancer. Mr. Bradford is terminally ill, in stage 4 of Hepatic Cirrhosis and a cancer patient — As of May 2010, the Federal Drug Administration has approved two new drugs, Incivek and Victrelis — These two new drugs are actually a cure for Mr. Bradford’s specific illness and is the new standard of care as set forth by the Association for the study of liver disease — You are about to see how the Court flagrantly cast the law aside and without the first shred of evidence convicted Mr. Bradford anyway — You are about to see that there is no question whatsoever that Mr. Bradford is completely innocent — You are about to see how after the court wrongfully convicted Mr. Bradford of theft by conversion and sent him to prison for 12 years — That very same court committed a theft by conversion against Mr. Bradford—You are about to see the outrageous tactics used by the court to prevent the prosecution of that crime — You are about to see how this court prohibited Mr. Bradford from returning to court to reverse his wrongful conviction — and, You are about to see how Mr. Bradford has been refused any treatment for his illness whatsoever.

Again, I’m just a guy who builds websites for a living. I do not know Richard Bradford personally. However, I have the irrefutable proof right here, the never before seen factual proof that this man is innocent. And we the People cannot permit this to stand, for an injustice against this man is an injustice against us all.
Please review in it’s entirety.    Augustus Moon